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Our site is geared at providing our visitors with the most comprehensive list of attorneys / lawyers in Bahamas.

Services Provided in Bahamas:

Divorce, custody, corporate, agreement, provident fund, Registered marriage, Court marriage, Special/ Foreign marriage, Incorporation of company in Nassau, , Rent, eviction, tenancy, lease, Labour laws, Appeals, Supreme Court, High Court, Bail, medical, negligence, Insurance claims/ accidents, Citizenship/ immigration, Consumer, national, Dowry, Wills & Probate, Trust & Estates, Intellectual Property law, Bankrupt, Banking & Finance, Corporate, Private Business in Nassau, , Recovery, Joint Venture & Mergers, Consumer, Civil Right, Medical Negligence, Medical Malpractice, legal notice, summons, Tax: income, sales, custom, excise, octroi, cess Civil, Criminal matter, Registration of property,Title search, mutation relationship, Conveyance,Transfer of property, deeds, drafts, power of attorney, Recovery, Taxation in Nassan.

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